Sales Consultant – Italy

“I love being fully responsible for the Italian market without too much interference from above. And together with my colleagues, I get that space too here at Medisol!”

How did you end up at Medisol?

I responded to an ad.

What is your role at Medisol?

I am responsible for a fun, challenging market; the Italian! As a Senior Sales Consultant, I coordinate our team of Italian Sales Consultants.

What does an average day at Medisol look like?

Telephone consultation with customers requesting information about products or prices. In addition, I have to check the orders and have them sent by the warehouse. Also maintaining contacts with dealers, maintaining the webshop and brainstorming about new promotions with colleagues from Marketing is part of my tasks. Make suggestions and then roll out service and functionalities for the Italian market.

What drives you? Why do you do this job?

I love being fully responsible for my market without too much interference from above. And I get that space too!

Together with my fantastic colleagues, I can determine our strategies and fill in my time for myself. I also like to sell a product that is of general benefit to humanity. I love human contact and I enjoy helping my customers as best as I can. And they expect that – rightly – from me too!

What makes it so much fun to work at Medisol?

The casual atmosphere. Of course there is work to be done and turnover has to be made, but there is hardly any hierarchy. Our CEO and CFO play table tennis with us during the break.

Most colleagues are intrinsically motivated because we are empowered by our managers and there is no hardcore target. All turnovers are transparent to everyone. There is a lot of light int he building and seating requirements are considered.

Medisol is by far my nicest employer so far!

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“Medisol is a fast growing company. I find it very interesting to help Medisol with the further professionalization so that growth can be realized in a healthy way and on a good foundation.”

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