Business Improvement Specialist

“The nice thing about working for Medisol is the informal working atmosphere and the space that is given to develop.”

How did you end up at Medisol?

Christmas 2016 was very busy at Medisol. They were looking for someone who could help out in the warehouse with all the work. Both parties thought this was a great experience. After that I continued to work here.

How does an average day at Medisol look like?

Placing orders, liaising with suppliers and customers about the delivery times, keeping an eye on stocks in the warehouse, checking incoming goods and solving malfunctions in between and/or making improvements within our internal order processing system. And of course a game of table tennis in the afternoon!

What drives you? Why do you do this job?

I enjoy (trying to) ensure that our stocks are in order. The trick is not to keep too large stocks, but also nog to have too little in stock, so that customers and colleagues have to wait as little as possible for their orders.

What result that you have achieved at Medisol are you proud of?

We have recently been working hard on a different interpretation of our order processing and inventory system. This makes it easier internally to disseminate information about orders and manage stocks.

What makes it so much fun to work at Medisol?

The informal working atmosphere and the space that is given to develop.

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