Sales Consultant - France

“Medisol is a (fast) growing company, and it is great to be part of this adventure.”

How did you end up at Medisol?

After a 2 years degree in France, I have been studying at the HZ University in Vlissingen for 2 years before graduating with an International Business Bachelor. After completing my studies, I wanted to find a job in an international company for my first job. I found an opportunity at Medisol and postulate for it and from there the story begins.

What is your role at Medisol?

I am a Sales Consultant in the French Market.

What does an average day at Medisol look like?

My days always start by verifying the delivery that could have a change in the delivery date to inform the customer. Then we will have a meeting with the French team to know what everyone is responsible for and plan our day of work. After that, we will deal with all email and phone calls that come in. In addition, in the afternoon I’ll take some time to check my ongoing affairs like delivery problems, customers waiting for maintenance, late payment, and so on.

What drives you? Why do you do this job?

Medisol is a (fast) growing company, and it is great to be part of this adventure. Being part of a growing company like Medisol, allows me to make good use of my creativity to develop or improve some processes. This makes every day different and allows me to have diversity in my work, which always keeps me entertained. There are often new opportunities or tasks that allow me to learn skills and canalize my curiosity.

In addition, being able to work in a team has always been important for me, because I have always been part of a team, and I have an awesome team to work with.

Last but not least, working at Medisol also allows me to have an impact on society and save lives with the products we are selling. It really makes me proud of my work and motivates me even more.

What makes it so much fun to work at Medisol?

At Medisol we never get bored. Every day is different and there are always new things to work on. Moreover, the working environment is friendly and positive, and we will always be able to talk with everyone and have a laugh from time to time.

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