Products & Services

All of Medisol’s products and services are CPR-related. In addition to AEDs, we sell AED accessories, AED wall cabinets, AED trainers and resuscitation mannequins. We also offer maintenance plans with free AED theft insurance.

Unique in the industry

Since the beginning of 2018 the owner of a defibrillator will receive free replacements parts from the government after a deployment of their defibrillator. In 2016, we started this initiative and gave away many electrodes and batteries for free to our customers. Because we felt it necessary to take our responsibility. After all, an AED should always be operational; costs of deployment should not get in the way of that!

ISO-13485 certified

Medisol is ISO-13485 certified. This certificate is intended for organisations within the medical sector. We are proud to have received this certification; it allows us to say with certainty that quality and assurance of our products and services are of paramount importance to us. We feel that this certification is indispensable in the medical sector. After all, our products are of life-saving importance!


The product around which Medisol’s webshop revolves is of course the AED. An AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) is a portable device that is used in case of a (possible) cardiac arrest. The AED analyses whether a shock is necessary. An electric shock returns a fibrillated heart to a normal rhythm.

Electrodes and batteries

To ensure that you always have a working AED available, it is important to replace electrodes and batteries in good time when necessary. You will also find these accessories of all offered AED brands in the Medisol range.

AED cabinets

Being able to safely store your AED is very important. That is why we offer various AED cabinets and brackets. Our range includes indoor and outdoor cabinets. Outdoor cabinets have climate control, so your AED is protected against all weather conditions!

CPR manikins

Essential in CPR training are of course the manikins. At Medisol you have a wide choice of resuscitation manikins. We have various brands such as Laerdal and Brayden. But our range also includes manikins for child and baby resuscitation.

AED maintenance

Medisol is proud of its Service Centre! In our Service Centre, AED specialists provide your AED with the necessary maintenance. Software updates are performed and parts are replaced where necessary. A maintenance contract is a real solution to not having to worry about the operation of your AED.