Medisol organizes events to celebrate special occasions and to spotlight our international relationships. Every other year, we host a special day for our resellers and suppliers from across Europe. This event was first organized in 2018, cancelled due to COVID-19 in 2020, and successfully held again in 2022. At this unique event, both resellers and suppliers have the opportunity to meet, exchange insights, share expertise, and draw inspiration from market and product developments. This event offers us an insight into our relationships and explore avenues for enhanced collaboration.

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Medisol Reseller Event 2022

In 2022, we extended invitations to our loyal partners to our headquarters in Vlissingen for the second edition of the international Medisol Reseller Event. On this day, Medisol resellers enjoyed engaging presentations, interactive sessions, product demonstrations, and ample opportunities to catch up with colleagues from across Europe. We’d love to update you on this edition, ensuring you have no reservations about registering for the upcoming one!


During the Reseller Event, attendees had the opportunity to enjoy various speakers during lectures and presentations in the main tent. Prominent names like Philips and Laerdal discussed product and market developments, covering exclusive topics that are definitely not to be missed! In addition to the lectures, there were also workshops in the main tent by various brands (including Brayden). They showcased all the ins and outs of their range in an interactive manner. We are proud that many of our suppliers were eager to share updates about their defibrillators, cabinets, CPR manikins, and other related products with our resellers during the Reseller Event. Of course, there was also plenty of room for questions.

Amidst the lectures, presentations, and workshops in the main tent, attendees had the opportunity to visit various brands in the office spaces of the building, where they offered presentations and demonstrations. Of course, there was also ample networking time during Reseller Day! Over a lunch, coffee breaks with delicious pastries, and a delicious catered barbecue, you could meet colleagues from across Europe to catch up on market trends. During the 2022 edition, there was even a wine tasting! Additionally, during the cocktail hour with music, you could engage not only with Medisol staff but also with other industry experts, offering an opportunity to expand your network. The Medisol Reseller Event 2022 was well organized, including entertainment, catering, and good vibes.

If you missed this edition or would like to take a glimpse of this inspiring day, check out the after movie of the Medisol Reseller Event 2022!

Medisol Reseller Event 2018

In 2018, Medisol organized its first Reseller Event. The images below provide a brief impression of how the first edition unfolded. Once again, it was a day filled with inspiring moments, including presentations and demos. We concluded with a successful networking cocktail reception.