Our story

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, in any location and at any time. This makes it important to have an AED available in as many places as possible. Did you know that the survival rate of someone in cardiac arrest increases from 12% to 70% when someone is resuscitated and defibrillated within 6 minutes? The longer you wait to defibrillate, the more the survival rate drops. Even by 10% per minute! It is vital to connect an AED as soon as possible in case of a possible cardiac arrest.  

 These facts formed the basis of our goal “By 2030, every world citizen will have access to an AED within 6 minutes”. To achieve this goal, we are committed in several ways. Medisol is an international, brand-independent organisation that provides as many businesses and communities as possible with a deployable AED or other life-saving resuscitation products. We always give personal advice, think about different possibilities and provide maintenance for your AED.   

We are there for private individuals, but also for fire safety companies, professional emergency responders, training companies, municipalities, sports clubs and any other organisation in need of an AED or other life-saving products. With webshops in almost 20 countries, we try to make the world a little safer. Everything revolves around Saving Lives! 

Medisol’s values 

 Within Medisol, we have four values that bind us within the organisation. The combination of these values together makes us take on challenges, cooperate, trust and achieve results.   

Think big, act bold
Think Big, Act Bold
We dare to think big and then rise to the challenge.   

There is no I in team
There is no ‘I’ in team
At Medisol, we see our performance as a team effort. We believe in the power of working together.   

Driven by passion
Driven by Passion
We are driven by our mission to save lives.   

Reliability first

Reliability First
What we do, we do reliably and correctly.   

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