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Working at Medisol means being part of a healthy and optimistic work culture. Every day, we are dedicated to fulfilling our mission: Saving Lives. However, alongside hard work, we regularly set aside time for enjoyable outings, such as Friday afternoon drinks, parties, participation in events (such as sports), and even company trips abroad. This creates a close-knit and motivated group. At Medisol, you not only feel valued as an employee, but also as an important member of a friendly and close-knit international team. 

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We are convinced that a cohesive team at work is not only important for job satisfaction, but also for the overall performance of the company. This is clearly reflected in Medisol’s achievements and growth since its establishment, as you can see in our timeline. In fact, maintaining a sense of teamwork is one of our four core values: There is no ‘I’ in team. 

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How you are valued at Medisol

It is important to us that our team feels appreciated and that appreciation goes beyond just salary at Medisol. Consider some of the attractive extras that we offer, such as a modern pension scheme with a.s.r., flexibility in your work schedule, the possibility to work from home and 32 holiday days (based on a full-time contract). We work according to a salary scale, which provides you with sufficient transparency and openness as an employee.

Things that are not drawn up on paper are also important. At Medisol, we believe that structural overworking does not necessarily contribute to a stronger result, so there is certainly no overtime culture at Medisol. We also believe that moments of rest and a coffee with colleagues can also be both important and productive. Therefore, you can expect that when you start working at Medisol, a lot of attention is paid to a healthy work-life balance.

Did you know that Medisol also offers CPR courses to all employees? Providing CPR courses to employees is obviously invaluable for a company that is a supplier of defibrillator and CPR equipment. These courses not only provide essential life-saving skills, but also contribute to a safer and caring work environment.

Growing within the organization and in your career 

Because we have been experiencing significant growth for years, we are heavily investing in professionalizing our organization. Optimizing our processes and systems is necessary to stay at the forefront of our industry. Our growth and the drive to improve ourselves also mean that there are plenty of opportunities for our employees. With us, you have the chance to continue developing and improving, for example, by taking courses. 

Staff parties and sports activities

Our Party Planning Committee (PPC) organises fun staff events and outings several times a year. The PPC consists of a group of party-loving employees with great organisational skills. As a Medisol employee, there is no obligation to participate, we see staff parties as a welcome opportunity for fun and relaxation. At Medisol, milestones are celebrated. Where there is hard work, there is also time for a party!

In addition, Medisol also has a sports committee. The sports committee regularly organises sports activities or encourages groups of employees to take part in community sports events. Whether working on teambuilding during a bootcamp, or improving your personal record during a run, the sports committee will arrange it for you!

PPC activity: tour on e-choppers.
Medisol colleagues at a Color Run.

Workations to Marrakech and Malta

In recent years, the Medisol team travelled together for two workations. All travelling employees headed out for a long weekend overseas, to Marrakesh in 2020 and Malta in 2023. Various team-building activities were organised and business plans discussed, but of course there was also room in the schedule to have fun and enjoy the local culture and food. A healthy balance between work and relaxation! At Medisol, we believe these company trips contribute to a positive working atmosphere and help foster mutual relationships. In the long term, this benefits both cooperation and productivity between colleagues and teams.

Medisol in Marrakech, 2020
Medisol in Malta, 2023

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