Working at Medisol

Working at Medisol means being part of a healthy and optimistic work culture. Every day, we are dedicated to fulfilling our mission: Saving Lives. However, alongside hard work, we regularly set aside time for enjoyable outings, such as Friday afternoon drinks, parties, participation in events (such as sports), and even company trips abroad. This creates a close-knit and motivated group. At Medisol, you not only feel valued as an employee, but also as an important member of a friendly and close-knit international team. 

We are convinced that a cohesive team at work is not only important for job satisfaction, but also for the overall performance of the company. This is clearly reflected in Medisol’s achievements and growth since its establishment, as you can see in our timeline. In fact, maintaining a sense of teamwork is one of our four core values: There is no ‘I’ in team. 

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How You’re Appreciated at Medisol 

We believe it’s important for our team to feel valued, and this appreciation goes beyond just salary at Medisol. This includes some nice extras that we offer, such as a modern pension scheme, flexibility in your work schedule, the possibility to work partially from home, and 32 vacation days on a full-time basis. 

But even the things that aren’t explicitly written on paper count, of course. At Medisol, we believe that consistently working overtime doesn’t necessarily contribute to a stronger result and that moments of rest and coffee breaks with colleagues are also important and productive. Therefore, you can expect that, if you join Medisol, there will be a strong focus on a healthy work-life balance. 

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Growing within the organization and in your career 

Because we have been experiencing significant growth for years, we are heavily investing in professionalizing our organization. Optimizing our processes and systems is necessary to stay at the forefront of our industry. Our growth and the drive to improve ourselves also mean that there are plenty of opportunities for our employees. With us, you have the chance to continue developing and improving, for example, by taking courses. 

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