Quality Specialist

“Medisol gave me the opportunity to develop myself.”

How did you end up at Medisol?

Through an open vacancy. This was for the Customer Service department for Dutch-speaking customers.

What is your role at Medisol?

Quality Specialist – Prevention Officer – Confidential Adviser

What does an average day at Medisol look like?

I do a lot of writing, analyzing and reproducing processes and statements for the quality management system. I also analyze product-, process- and safety issues. For which I write improvement plans to maintain a high quality standard.

What drives you? Why do you do this job?

Personal development and knowledge acquisition.

What result that you have achieved at Medisol are you proud of?

There are several achievements of which I am really proud. Such as organizing and obtaining the ISO13485 certificate, the introduction and development of the quality management system and the construction of the After Sales Department (RMA). Building new processes, working methods and agreements with suppliers and employees from the ground up is very satisfying. The quality management system is there for the entire staff and creates clarity about internal processes and agreements.

What makes it so much fun to work at Medisol?

Medisol gave me the opportunity to develop myself. Through several roles, I grew from the Customer Service Team for the Dutch market to a Quality Specialist. Although I no longer work in a direct team, the collaboration with colleagues from other departments remains very close.

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