Jethro Warehouse Operator “I’ve worked on several warehouse positions before, but my current position at Medisol is a mixture of several of those positions. This makes the job more diverse, challenging and fun. ” How did you end up at Medisol? There was an open vacancy for a warehouse position and I noticed some former colleagues’s work at Medisol. After … Read More



David Procurement Specialist “Because of the variations, there is a pleasant working atmosphere in the company that you feel as soon as you enter Medisol!” How did you end up at Medisol? I started working at Medisol May 2018. This in the role of Procurement Specialist. A ‘headhunter’ contacted me for this role through LinkedIn. After some nice job interviews … Read More


Marcel Warehouse Operator “It is nice to keep the warehouse in order and to provide the customers with their orders on time.” How did you end up at Medisol? My sister-in-law had seen the vacancy on Facebook and pointed it out to me. I immediately applied. What does an average day at Medisol look like? Together with the team I … Read More


Ricardo Warehouse Operator (Outbound) “I don’t shy away from challenges. At Medisol we have grown explosively in recent years and the warehouse has naturally grown along with this.” How did you end up at Medisol? I ended up at Medisol through an old colleague. What does an average day at Medisol look like? In the morning I start checking and … Read More


Job Business Improvement Specialist “The nice thing about working for Medisol is the informal working atmosphere and the space that is given to develop.” How did you end up at Medisol? Christmas 2016 was very busy at Medisol. They were looking for someone who could help out in the warehouse with all the work. Both parties thought this was a … Read More


Liesbeth Purchasing Administrator “The enthusiasm and passion of my colleagues gives me a lot of energy. They inspire me to develop myself further.” How did you end up at Medisol? Due to the enthusiastic stories of a co-worker, I took the plunge, applied and was hired! What is your role at Medisol? I am an employee in the purchasing department … Read More