Sales Consultant Arabic markets

Everyday looks different, everyday is a new challenge. And of course the amazing atmosphere here, that’s why I like to work at Medisol!

How did you end up at Medisol?

I was told by my contact person that Medisol was looking for a native Arabic speaker to explorer the Arabic markets. That’s how I got my place at the Medisol family.

What is your position?

Sales Consultant Arabic Markets

What does an average day at work look like?

Working within the Arabic market is a new challenge for me and for Medisol. Because of the actual distance, so every day is different, every day I make new contacts, I meet new customers, and carry out research.

What are your motives? Why are you doing this work?

Saving lives by selling AEDs, is the perfect combination. I can do two things I like at the same time; marketing and saving humans.

What makes it so nice to work at Medisol?

The pleasant atmosphere, the professional management and of course the amazing colleagues!

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